Meet the singers: Ruben

Ruben Aalbersberg – Baritone

In the item ‘meet the singers’ we’ll introduce all the members of MAZE one by one. You probably already know all the faces, but who is the person behind that beautiful voice? You will find it out here!

This week: Ruben.

Ruben is our new baritone and has been singing with us for three months now. In these three months, he immediately joined us during our concerts in Ahoy, the Duke Ellington Sacred Concert with the Frits Bayens Big Band and during the recordings of one of our songs! He is a great addition to the group and we are really happy to have him as our new baritone! Read his story below:

“From the Military Tattoo in Ahoy, Duke Ellington with a bigband, the premiere of AYNIL in DeLaMar, straight through to singing Christmas songs on the street; My first months with MAZE have been a circus! But such an amazing circus it is!
When I’m not working on my MAZE-repertoire I work as an architect in the beautiful city of Delft. Last summer – after 5 years of singing with Chosen Gospel Choir – I decided it was time for a new challenge, so I auditioned for MAZE. To me it is an honour to be standing amongst the men of maze as one of the baritones. I’m truly enjoying this new found additional family and hope to be creating lots and lots of beautiful music with them for a long time to come! 
SPOILER ALERT: I’ve been welcomed into the MAZE theater committee and I can tell you: Keep your facebook in check, awesome things are coming your way!”