Meet the singers: Lotte


Lotte van der Heijden – Mezzo

In the new item ‘meet the singers’ we’ll introduce all the members of MAZE one by one. You probably already know all the faces, but who is the person behind that beautiful voice? You will find it out here!

This week: Lotte.

Lotte is one of the mezzi of MAZE. She is a music teacher and she sang with Fontys Jazz Choir in the past. Lotte is head of the repertoire committee of MAZE, has arranged songs for MAZE and sings a beautifully improvised solo in Behind Blue Eyes (see picture). Therefore, we are really thankful that she is one of our singers!

“Hi! My name is Lotte, I am 31 years old and I live in Tilburg, The Netherlands. I am a music teacher at  high school and I am one of the mezzi of MAZE. MAZE gives me the opportunity to sing on a professional level, which also inspires me in my job as a music teacher. The moment that I cherish the most is winning BALK TOPfestival back in November and winning the Dutch Choir Festival last week!”