Meet the singers: Ine

Ine van Egdom – Alt

In the new item ‘meet the singers’ we’ll introduce all the members of MAZE one by one. You probably already know all the faces, but who is the person behind that beautiful voice? You will find it out here!

This week: Ine

Ine is one of the altos of MAZE and next to that, she is also one of the board members. She studied at Codarts, Rotterdam and is now a music teacher at elementary schools. With her beautiful, warm voice and personality, she is a fantastic person to have in the group! Read her story below:

“My name is Ine van Egdom. I studied Pop and Jazz Vocals at Codarts, Rotterdam. I started singing in several bands and giving singing lessons. After a couple of years I decided to switch to teaching. I studied at PABO and in the mean time, I started teaching at elementary school. I liked the latter so much, that I kept on doing that. I now work at several elementary schools as a music teacher, 3 days a week.

Next to that, I am one of the altos of MAZE. It is fantastic to build up this group with so many like-minded people. Everyone wants to move forward and is willing to work hard to achieve that. And we’re doing so many great things! There is a constant positive vibe, during our concerts but also during rehearsals. And of course when we travelled to Luxembourg and New York. Those things give me so much energy!”