Meet the singers: Bente


Bente Deenekamp – Soprano

In the new item ‘meet the singers’ we’ll introduce all the members of MAZE one by one. You probably already know all the faces, but who is the person behind that beautiful voice? You will find it out here!

This week: Bente.

Bente is one of our sopranos. She also is part of the PR-committee and she designed our CD cover. She already participated in many a capella projects and therefore she is completely at home in this world. With her amazing voice and high notes, she is not to be missed in the group and you will probably hear her doing some ad libs during one of our concerts! Read further for her story:

“Hiiiiiii my name is Bente and I am one of the sopranos of MAZE.

I started singing four years ago by doing a project called “In to the lights”, led by Merel. I really enjoyed it and this is how I got involved in the a capella world. I started singing with MAZE because I like the way Merel works very much. Every rehearsal is a big learning curve and the music is fantastic. MAZE is one big family and I am happy to be a part of it. I also think performing abroad is amazing. It is so much fun to travel together and to meet new people.

Let this party never end!”